One official said the U.S. government has resorted to using aircraft because all available buses were already in use and authorities needed every available transportation option.

“This is the worst I have ever seen it, by far,” said one veteran Border Patrol agent in South Texas who was not authorized to speak to reporters.

The number of people taken into custody along the Mexico border has exceeded 5,500 each day for several days in a row, and Border Patrol currently has more than 17,500 people in holding cells and tent sites set up in parking lots outside stations, officials said. That is a 30% increase from late March, when authorities said border agents and infrastructure had hit the “breaking point.”

Border Patrol will use the flights to transfer some of those adults to Del Rio, where facilities are less overcrowded, instead of having to conduct releases, officials said. Each flight costs $16,000 and can transport about 135 adults.

Carla Provost, the chief of Border Patrol, told lawmakers Wednesday that authorities would “lose control” of the border if they had to begin releasing single adults, because that group is the only remaining demographic that can be detained and quickly deported.

“My greatest concern is that we will no longer be able to deliver consequences and we will lose control of the border,” Provost told members of a Senate Homeland Security panel.”

This is why we need to keep Trump on as president. These Dem are itching to let everyone and anyone in, failing to keep Americans safe and stop potential drug trafficking.