ICE Makes A Massive Bust In Sanctuary City – Majority With Major Criminal Records

Mitch McConnell Puts His Foot Down On Kavanaugh Appointment

Democrats Announce Laughable New Campaign Slogan – Good Slogan; Wrong Party

Restaurant Slammed By Atheists – Forced To Remove Churchgoer’s Sunday Discount [Video]

Disrespectful Teen Arrested After Defacing A Navy Seal’s Memorial

Report: Mueller Offers Tony Podesta Immunity To Testify Against Paul Manafort

Brady Bunch Home Selling For Nearly $1.9M – Concerns Rise That Buyer May Tear It Down

Watch: Trump Calls Biden A ‘Dream’ Opponent: “Obama Took Him Out Of The Garbage Heap”

Gender Identity Activists Take Their Agenda Too Far With “Theybies”

Whoopi Goldberg Lashes Out At Judge Jeanine Pirro For Her Pro-Trump View

‘Totally Out Of Control’ — Sarah Sanders Calls Out The Media For Reporting Literal Fake News

Liberal Protesters Are Doing Some The Strange Things Outside The White House

A Democratic Senator Speaks Out Against Trendy Socialist Ocasio-Cortez

New Plan To Form A ‘Medicare For All’ Caucus Revealed – Expect Taxpayers To Pick Up The Tab

Rand Paul Takes On John Brennan’s Tweet Calling For Military Intervention

Former Clinton Spokesman To Comey: Democrats Don’t Want Your Endorsement

Pelosi Claims Russians Must Be Blackmailing Trump After Summit

Watch: FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Hung Peter Strzok Out To Dry In Her Bombshell Hearing

Rand Paul Stands Up For Trump’s Actions At Summit

Tucker Points Out Who Americans Should Actually See As A Threat To Elections

Obama’s Campaign Manager Slips Up, Publishes Possible Evidence Of Anti-Trump Strategy

Days After ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon, London Mayor Learns Consequences Of Mocking Trump





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