NY Governor Plans To File A Lawsuit Against The Trump Administration

Yet Another Dem-Holdup As Schumer Rejects GOP Backed Border Solution

Angel Mom Calls Out Dems On Immigration Reform – We Owe It To Her To Never Forget

Real Classy – Woman Curses At Trump As He Enters The Capitol [Video]

NY Gov. Cuomo Pulls Huge Anti-Trump Move

Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Puts An End To The Media’s Lies

School Principal Invites Anti-Police Extremist To Career Day – Faces Serious Backlash [Video]

Senator Rips Into Horowitz About ‘Non-Bias’ IG Report: “Do You Believe In The Tooth Fairy?” [Video]

Hollywood Liberal Eating Crow After Wrongfully Attacking Disabled War Hero Over “Racist” Tattoo

Kathy Griffin, Unaware Of The Facts, Shamelessly Bashes First Lady Melania

Mad Maxine Caught Slipping $100K Of Donated Campaign Funds To Her Daughter For Repulsive Reason

Trump Destroys Media’s Huge Lie, Reveals What Melania Really Did For His Birthday They Trashed Her For

Remember The CNN Analyst Who was Rude To Sanders? Well…

Old Stormy Is Attempting To Make Headlines Again After Becoming Yesterday’s News

Trump Calls IG Report A ‘Horror Show’ – ‘Totally Destroys James Comey’ [Video]

Obnoxious CNN Reporter Tries To Force Sarah Sanders To Answer Him

Teacher Under Investigation For Showing A Pro-Life Video

China Strikes Back At Trump With Planned Retaliatory Tariffs

Obama Ambassador And Huge Donor To The Clinton Campaign Caught Up In Fraud Charges

VA Hospital Removes Military Flags To Fly “Pride Colors” – Veteran’s Outraged [Video]

Trump Calls Out ‘Fake News Media’ For Bogus Reporting On G7 Summit, Shares Contradicting Photos

Looks Like Trump Just Proved Obama Wrong About That Need For War





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