Insane Bodycam Footage Of Officers Rescuing Children From ‘Erratic’ Mother [Video]

Democrat’s Outrageous Trump Conspiracy Theory Is Really Off The Deep End

Trump Awards Medal Of Honor To Navy SEAL After Controversial Mission [Video]

New Accusations Against Morgan Freeman May Place Him In The Hollywood Swamp

Anti-Gun Movement Is Damaging More Than Just Your American Rights [Video]

Drunken Man Attacks People At McDonalds, Victim Claims Hate Crime

Parents Forced To Take 30-Year-Old “Deadbeat” Son To Court To Evict Him

Gwyneth Paltrow Speaks Up, A-List Actor Stood Up For Her Against Weinstein’s Harassment

FINALLY! NFL Officials Propose Penalties For Kneeling Players

ICE Director Slams Dems: “Don’t Call Us Anti-Immigrant For Enforcing Your Laws” [Video]

Why Top Tier Dems Are Flip Flopping On Trump Impeachment Talk

SC Pawn Shop Mocks Dick’s Sporting Goods Anti AR-15 Policy

Candice Owens Calls Out Dems For Pandering At Colleges [Video]

Starbucks Over The Top PC Reaction May Have Made It A Homeless Hotspot.

If You Ever Had A Shred Of Respect For DNC Chair, You Can Say Goodbye To That Now

Bernie Sanders Attacks The NRA – Watch!

Cuomo Joins The Ranks Of Liberals Using A Tragedy As A ‘Political Talking Point’: One Grieving Mother Called Him Out

Adam Schiff, During His Interview, Accused President Trump Of Spreading A Lie [Video]

Planned Parenthood Says They’re Going To Fight Trump’s Plan To Defund Abortions

Hillary’s STILL Dwelling Over Humiliating Loss Against Donald Trump

Kyle Kashuv Defends The Second Amendment On Twitter – You’ll Be Proud!

Former Adult “Actress” Responds To Latest Mass Shooting In Typical Left Fashion





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