Liberal Protestors Flood Capitol Hill Police BUSTED 56 People

Schumer’s Desperate Attempt To Protect Rosenstein Amid Wire Plot Report Against Trump

Court DESTROYS A Law That Forced Centers To ‘Promote Abortion, OR ELSE!’

Keith Ellison’s Accuser: Dems “smeared, Threatened, And Isolated’ Me

Dem Caught Allegedly Soliciting A Police Informant Gets A Legal Slap On The Wrist

Haley Corrects The NYT’s Fake News Story They Wrote About 50k Curtains

Grassley Puts His Foot Down: Sick Of The Democrat’s Stall Tactics

Must Watch: Singer Kid Rock SLAMS Colin Kaepernick, On And Off Stage

Former Scalia Clerk Releases Bombshell Tweets That Will Potentially Exonerate Kavanaugh

Turns Out Senator Corey Booker Has No Room To Talk When It Comes To The Kavanaugh Allegation

The Truth Comes Out About Who Is Paying These Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters.

Trump Shocks Them All And Announces Who He Want’s Fired IMMEDIATELY

California Governor Brown Claims Trump Is Undermining America.

James Woods DEMOLISHES Dem That Told All Men ‘To Shut Up’ In This BRUTAL Tweet!

Hypocritical Hillary Tries To Push For Investigation Into Kavanaugh

Elizabeth Warren Is Under Fire After Deceiving The Public With An Edited Kavanaugh Video

Even Feinstein Is Now Backpedaling On The Kavanaugh Allegations

The New Yorker Has Christians Up In Arms Over Slight In Sarah Sanders Profile Piece

Watch: Trump REACTS To Dems Attack On His SCOTUS Pick – Calls Them Out On Timing

Poland Set To Honor Trump In The Most Amazing Way Possible

Senate Judiciary Committee Calls The Democrats Out For Their Gross Stall Tactic.

Sparks Fly When Principal Invites Extremist To Career Day [Video]





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