Alyssa Milano: “The Media Is Coddling Trump” – What ROCK Has She Been Under?

Former Charmed star is at it again. She just can’t help herself, she once again is after Trump. She now feels that, get this, the media is too easy on Trump. I guess she has not seen a newspaper or watched any of the MSM. If she had it would be more than apparent how the media feels about Trump.

In an interview on Hill TV, with Buck Sexton, a former intelligence agent for the CIA, she expressed how the media had been coddling Trump.

“I think that because  we have not called out the absurdity for the last — I don’t know — two and a half years, since our president started campaigning to be president,” Milano started in on Trump, “because the media didn’t call out how absolutely absurd this was …”

Sexton interrupted, “You don’t think the media’s hostile enough to Trump?”

“I’m talking about two and a half years ago,” Milano tried to clarify, “when he started to run in his campaign, the fact that the media actually normalized some of what he did — and continues to normalize it instead of going, ‘Can you believe how crazy this is?’”

Sexton then goes on to say that reporters “are doing everything they can to raise the alarms.”

“I don’t think it’s enough,” Milano replied. “I think we coddled this idea of a man that is a self-proclaimed pussy grabber…”

Watch The Clip Below.

It is laughable to think about her claim. She seems to be mistaking Trump for the media’s beloved Obama. There was no coddling, the MSM has been attacking Trump from every which way. To the point that Trump has had to point out their bias and let the public know how fake many news sources are.

Milano clearly needs to start paying attention before she runs her mouth.

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