Army Veteran’s Apparel Line Offers Patriotic Alternative To Nike With “Just Stand” Shirt

Nike has messed up big time with their current move to back Colin Kaepernick. Nike is backing a former NFL player that disrespected the flag and started a movement to encourage the bad behavior. They should be ashamed to be associated with him, but instead, they are trying to capitalize on the controversy. The backlash has been severe and many Patriots have spoken out against Nike. But one company has a solution.

Tyler Merritt’s company, Nine Line Apparel, has come out against the Kaepernick and Nike’s disregard for the flag and all it stands for. Nine line is putting our shirts that read “Just Stand.”

Merritt, a former Army captain and Nine Line’s CEO, said Saturday, “They decided to take a stance. This is our stand.”

Merrit went on to explain why he is promoting a “just stand” shirt and you could tell his company is going to go far.

“I think it’s a lack of understanding or a lack of care or concern from that smaller minority of the population that finds it overtly offensive. I don’t represent every single veteran out there. You are a Veteran yourself. I’ve got buddies out there that said you know what I support people who want to do stupid things.

Even though I’m not going to take a knee, I support them doing that action and that’s what most people are saying. You know Nate Boyer was a Special Forces guy turned NFL player for the Seahawks. He actually went to Kaepernick and said you know what please don’t sit, at the very least a modicum of respect take a knee and that’s what he has been doing.

I’m asking him to take that one last step, just stand up and I encourage everyone else to stand up. I agree that police brutality is bad, but you know what wearing socks that say pigs… its actions speak louder than words. If you want to say you are promoting social injustice than actually do something.”

They went on to talk about the Patriotic Motto the company has and then Meritt commented on Patriotism and the flag.

“These are the things I tell my children “We respect the American Flag.” You can disagree with it but if you have an argument with politicians go burn the seal. You know the flag means something. When you drape it over a casket and you fold and you give it to a loved one’s family member, that makes your hair stand up. When you listen to the national anthem and you know what the words actually mean. It makes me physically upset, physiological reaction when I see people taking a knee.”


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