Bernie Sanders Attacks The NRA – Watch!

Guns are the hot topics right now as Anti-Gun Liberals have a reason to be heard again. During the Sanders interview on Meet The Press, the Host, Chuck Todd, played a clip from one of the Texas shooting survivors.

“It’s been happening everywhere. I always felt like eventually, it was going to happen here too. So, I don’t know I wasn’t surprised I was just scared.” High School Student Paige Curry stated.

The Host then asked for Sanders input on how High School Students are not scared but could possibly expect a shooting.

“Have you guys done enough? Have you guys done enough in the Senate?” Todd asked in reference to recent gun violence.

“Of course not! Of course not!” Sanders said. “But it’s like every other issue. The American people are united overwhelmingly, gun owners, non-gun owners, on common sense gun safety legislation, expand background checks, do away with gun show loophole.

“Why is it never passed?” The Host asked.

“It’s a three-letter word. It’s the NRA and it’s Trump and the Republicans who don’t have the guts to stand up to these people and that’s pretty pathetic.” Sanders replied.

The Host then asked Sanders what changed as he used to be a supporter of the NRA earlier in his political career.

There was a time that you were Pro-NRA did you change or did they change?

“The NRA Frankly which once was a gun safety organization, teaching kids how to use guns safely, has moved to be part of/become part of a right-wing organization. Far beyond guns.

It sounds like Sanders has lost his way as he once was an NRA fan and now he takes a stab at the NRA for something they have nothing to do with.

Common sense Gun Laws are not going to prevent irresponsible parent or individuals that fail to properly keep their gun safe. New Gun Control Laws don’t stop the criminals, they simply hassle the law-abiding responsible gun owners.

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