Canada Strikes Back And Puts Tariffs On Nearly 13 Billion Worth Of U.S. Imports

The United States had been the world’s punching back for a long time when it comes to trade policy. Trump so this unequal treatment and a businessman, unlike many of the presidents before him saw that the US was being treated unfairly. So he acted, he tried to even out these vast disparities by putting reciprocal tariffs and on other countries.

Canada has been putting a 300% tariff on our dairy, there is no reason for this. We are an innovative country that will overcome retaliatory tariffs, whether be we up the ante with Canada or find more willing parties. Trump addressed tariffs and trade concerns in the recent North Dakota Rally.

“We have gained 7 trillion dollars in value…” “We have gained tremendous economic worth,… we are respected again we are putting America first, we are making great trade deals.”

“We are going to get along with China. We are going to get along with The European Union (EU) which has barriers from our farmers and our people selling product into the EU.

“The EU was set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank, right and we can’t let that happen.”

“Last year with the EU we lost 151 billion dollars in trade. We had a trade deficit of 151 Billion dollars because they send the Mercedes in, they send the BMW in, they send their products in. We send things to them, they say no thank you, we don’t take your product…that’s stupid trade.”

“So I said to them very simply, look if you treat us that way and if you don’t take down your barriers,… you know what they call them non-monetary barriers… just like charging a big tariff, they charge us many times tariff. If we send them a car… they charge us many, many times what we charge them. And I said Look, if you are not going to treat us fairly, if you are not going to treat our workers, our companies, our farmers fairly, if you are not going to take our farm product like we take your farm product then we are going to tax all of those beautiful Mercedes Benzs that are coming in. We are going to tax all of those BMWs coming in.”

“We put tariffs on solar panels because China was flooding the market and it wasn’t good stuff. We had 32 plants two were open and they were barely breathing. They were mouth to mouth resuscitation. We put a 30% tax on solar panels coming into the U.S. now those 2 plants are doing great and they are talking about opening at least 10… plants. The same thing with washing machines… we put a 30% tariff on them, we now are making washing machines back in our country.”

“We are creating jobs, number one and we are taking in billions and billions of dollars into our coffers. There was a time when we had tariffs because you had presidents like President McKinley and President Roosevelt and other who liked the idea… that when foreign countries want to take our wealth they have to pay for it.”

As you can see this isn’t Trump coming down on trade partners, he is simply evening the playing field. This should have been done long ago. The fact that we have countries taking advantage of us with these astronomical tariffs is unacceptable. These other countries may respond and it may jack up the cost of foreign products. But we need to get back to the time when Americans made things in America, instead of outsourcing everything.

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