Carlson Claims Hysterical Left “Is Totally Distorted By Their Rage”

Tucker Carlson went off on the Left, as he like most of us has seen how the MSM and liberals can’t stand Trump. But it’s more than your typical mudslinging and criticisms. It seems that the Left can’t go far enough. Tucker puts it best in his opening monologue showcasing the Left’s abhorrent behavior.

“For almost two years the left has been resisting Donald Trump, yet he has stubbornly refused to stop being this country’s democratically elected president. Unable to topple him from power by impeachment, arrest, harassment or any other means so far, the left has not given up but they become angrier and at this point totally distorted by their rage.

So mad that the usual epitaphs have lost their power from overuse. Nobody calls Trump a sexist anymore or even a bigot. That is too kind. He’s Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, or all three, plus Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. No wait, that’s not bad enough. He’s a maniacal Roman emperor who murdered his own mother and burned his capital down. That sounds about right.”

“Yes, it is that bad. The left wants trump gone tonight but for some unfathomable reason, he is still in the White House. You can imagine how frustrating that must be. So frustrating that progressives have shifted the focus of their anger from the president to the United States itself. Our country they tell us must be bulldozed to bedrock and rebuilt according to revolutionary principles … Step one is inviting every poor person on planet Earth to move here tomorrow to go on federal benefits at your expense and anything less than that is racism.”

He then shows a rather concerning clip where a woman is running for Attorney General and claims that she will do her best to abolish ICE if elected. She goes further and says shes also be willing to prosecute ICE agents. Does she not understand the purpose of ICE? ICE agents are simply ensuring everyone is legal. Why is this suddenly a bad thing?

They did the same thing under Obama, but I guess he gets a pass. It’s as Tucker says The Left is out of control, they are simply attacking anything Trump could be associated with. This is madness and despite what they say or believe he is the President of the United States and therefore their president. And they should be thankful!

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