CNN Underestimates Americans Support Of Trump [Video]

Liberals and the Mainstream Media would have you believe that no one supports Trump. CNN thought they were going to get some biased opinions when they went to North East Pennsylvania. An area that had voted heavily for Barack Obama in the prior elections. But came to its sense in the 2016 election. They likely thought people were going to react differently after the Manafort-Cohen results. But they were proved wrong.

CNN’s Jason Carrol set out to get some opinions and he did, but not the ones he was hoping for. He interviewed 3 Democrats, 3 Independents, and a Republican, so you can see what his intentions were.

Registered Democrat Ann Marie:

“Unless the money came from campaign funds, then I don’t think that it is good.”


“I see so that’s where you draw that sort of line.”

Ann Marie:

“But i’d still vote for him again.”

But Carrol was not done talking to Democrats that were not following the party line.

Democrat Couple Eileen & Richard Sorokas


“Our retirement is in The Stock Market and The Stock Market has been growing for quite a while now so I’m sort of happy with what is happening with the economy.

The couple sees the Cohen-Manafort case as a sideshow. So they see past their party’s BS.

Retired Marine and Republican Bob Sellon

“The investigations were supposed to be about Russian interference in our elections and so far I’ve seen nothing concerning that.”

Carrol then inserts a clip about Trump fan’s diehard loyalty in spite of Trump’s actions, to try and water down Sellon’s point.

He then found some people that might waver in their commitment of Making America Great Again. He interviews some Independents in a Barber Shop.

“The Pardons, I don’t agree with them. Aldo, the barbershop owner said in regards to the possible Trump pardons.

Carrol followed up and asked whether it change Aldo’s decision in voting for Trump and he said it would. Carrol the moved on to another patron at the shop who also felt that a Trump pardon would be too much.

Watch The Video Below.

It seems everyone was pretty pro-Trump as long as he didn’t pardon Manafort or Cohen. But really there is no need to pardon Cohen as he has proven to be a snake in the grass. He is turning on Trump and anyone else he can, in order to save his own skin. Trump should just let that sink ship. But Manafort is another story.

As you can see Trump supporters are not wavering even after the Liberal Witchhunt and Cohen-Manafort verdict. SO CNN proved that Trump supporters are loyal.

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