Colorado University Is Brainwashing Students With This Anti-Conservative Class

The Liberal Bias is deafening on college campuses. These uber left-leaning professors are corrupting those eager to learn. Most teachers are left-leaning, which leaves conservative students in a tough spot.  Especially if they are attending Katherine Mack’s class on Rhetoric at Colorado University.

Mack’s course is as anti-Trump as they come. But she does not stop at the president, she belittles Trump Supporters as well. She doesn’t say it directly, but the required reading says a lot.

The students are required to read “Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition” by Bruce McComiskey and “The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time” by Brooke Gladstone.

McComiskey argues that if the “Trump effect” is not “immediately and forcefully” challenged, students will begin “inciting xenophobia, retreating into isolationism, resorting to shouting, causing disruption, spouting insults, securing exclusion, encouraging divisiveness, spewing invective, exploiting fear, and desiring success at all costs.”

Sounds like a triggered Liberal.

McComiskey identifies “untrustworthiness” as Trump’s “most troubling trait,” which he claims is “most attractive” to people with “prejudice.”

The book also cites an article by Dan P. McAdams, a Northwestern University psychology professor, who claims that the President’s largest voting block—white Americans—have “high scores” on measures of authoritarianism that “tend to be associated with prejudice” against a litany of minority groups, including LGBTQ+, immigrants, Muslims, and African Americans.”

The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time, by Brooke Gladstone, also sharply criticizes the current administration, declaring that “Trump’s campaign rhetoric pumped out endless streams of comedy and melodrama, apocalypse and deliverance, bitterness and bullshit.”

Gladstone also encourages protests as she feels they help turn observers into activists.

starts @41:37

To be fair Katherine Mack does have a policy claiming that the classroom is a “Safe space.”

speak up if you feel ‘triggered’ by something someone is saying or doing,” and admonishes them to “never demean, belittle, devalue, or otherwise put down others for their comments, questions, experiences, or ideas.”

But the reading requirements have an awfully negative perspective on conservatives and our president. The course is about debate and I hope there is conservative material available as well. But from the information available this looks to be a full-fledged Liberal Propaganda course.

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