David Hogg’s Foul-Mouthed Babble Is Coming To An End!

The Liberal Puppet’s ‘Days In The Sun’ Are Numbered.

The liberal media have used the Parkland High School survivor, David Hogg, to push their anti-gun liberal agenda but has he gone too far?

Hogg has quickly gained mass disapproval from both sides over his social media slams, foul language, and how he has treated the other survivors. People are sick of him and finally taking action.

According to an American Thinker writer, Hogg is about to crash! Take a look.

As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

Laura Ingraham apologized for a rude tweet about David Hogg’s inability to get into the college of his choice, and, as may be expected of someone who’s demonstrated both childishness and leftism, he refused to graciously accept.

Instead, he opportunistically coming up instead with a counter-demand for more apologies on unrelated matters, ahead of yet another counter-demand for more groveling if Ingraham were to be naïve enough to follow that, which I trust she won’t.

It was done with Hogg’s full knowledge that his “friend (“asking for a friend“), who “wanted” and probably came up with the swift list of Ingraham’s advertisers, had begun pulling ads from Ingraham’s Fox News show.  At least a dozen of them pulled out in a show of solidarity for Hogg’s hurt feelings over his inability to get into the college of his choice.

The immaturity shown here sends a signal now to the public as to why he otherwise inexplicably didn’t get into the college of his choice.

Can you see how this guy would act if he didn’t get the grade of his choice from his professor at one of these places if he somehow were to be allowed in?

What if he didn’t get the girlfriend of his choice or the dorm of his choice, or the honors roll of his choice or the school paper’s editor job?

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