Dershowitz Explains That The Cohen Tape Is Not A Smoking Gun

The Liberal Media is still after Trump. The Cohen Tapes which they were hoping would be damaging are not going to show any sort of criminal activity. If they did, it would be a violation of attorney-client privilege and be thrown out anyway.

A Clip from a Cohen tape:

Cohen: “So i’m all over that. And I spoke to Allen about it when it comes to financing which will be…

Trump: “Wait a sec, what financing?”

Cohen: “We’ll have to pay him something.

Trump: “Don’t pay with cash,-”

Cohen: “No, no, no, no, no, …I got this. No, no, no.

Trump: “Check.”

-End of the clip-

So as you can see nothing special but according to Liberals, this is the end of the world, he might as well resign or be impeached.

Dershowitz, while on “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” commented on the Cohen Tapes.

“We must stretch the words to find what out exactly what the president said, what the context was, and most of important why it ended at a particular point, Was that a decision made by Mr. Cohen to end it there? Was it erased because he said things that were exculpatory? We need to know the entire context of the tape if the tape means anything.”

“The tape does not contain any evidence of a crime, How do I know that? A former judge, appointed by Judge Kimba Wood, made a determination that this tape is covered by the lawyer-client privilege. And criminal discussions are not covered by the lawyer-client privilege. So we already have a judicial determination that this tape does not contain elements of a crime.”

It’s as Dershowitz points out there is no smoking gun, the case against Trump is just liberal propaganda. Just as Carlson Tucker pointed out recently this is a partisan thing. You have to wonder how many American tax dollars have been wasted in this witch hunt. Who is benefiting from this? The Liberals who are looking for reasons to slander the president? Because it is certainly not the American people as this is an attack on our Commander and Chief. But this is what you get with Liberals who can’t handle that Hillary lost the election. Instead of admitting that she lost they find any way to diminish or delegitimize Trump’s Presidency.

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