Dershowitz Goes ‘SCORCHED EARTH’ On Ford’s ‘Insane’ Demands!

We are still a few days out from when Christine Ford will testify under oath about the incident that took place back in 82′. Hopefully, she will show up so we can end this charade. This whole stall tactic seems to be falling apart. It’s looking like Ford was the only one at this party. But aside from her accusation she also has the nerve to not only delay the hearing but also bring forth a backward stipulation. Former Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz commented on Ford’s unreasonable demand.

“Every civil Libertarian in the country, Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, led by the American Civil Liberties Union should be outraged at this demand. It is so unamerican. You’re the accuser, you get on the witness stand, you testify, you make your accusation, you get cross-examined, then the accused responds. It turns the entire legal system on its head. It is insane to ask the accused person to deny the accusation before he has heard the accusation being made and cross-examined.

Sure, the FBI should continue its background check. They should also call everybody else who may have been at this party. All of that is true, but the idea that he goes first… I want to hear from the American Civil Liberties Union. Where are they? This is the most fundamental denial of due process.” 

Watch The Video Below. 

Dershowitz is right, where does Ford get off thinking that she should go second? What, so she can amend her accusation to try and box in Kavanaugh. How does he respond to her accusations if he goes first and then she amends her story to add new allegations? This seems like an intentional stall tactic. If she goes second we will need to hear Kavanaugh respond to her a second time. Otherwise, he will not be able to fully address whatever her accusation ends up being. Sounds like more BS from the Democrats.

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