Hollywood Actress Gets Put In Her Place After Trying To Whitewash NRA

Alyssa Milano Fails To Realize The Nature Of The NRA.

Hollywood Celebrity Alyssa Milano couldn’t wait to draw some attention to herself. So she jumped right in attempting to bash the NRA by claiming it was a white privilege group. She tweeted that she felt it would not exist if a minority was running the group. She felt that if the NRA was run by minorities than it would be considered a hate group.

Read Her Tweet Below.

Is she saying that minorities are unwilling to fight for their rights? Has she forgotten The Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr? What a ridiculous thing to say. Afterall The Second Amendment helps people of all races and creeds.

But it gets better as Milano also failed to notice that the NRA is not a business run by old white men, like she so envisioned, But instead by a panel that includes many black folks. In fact, an African American Spokesman for the NRA responded to her attempt at trying to call the NRA a solely white-run group.

Noir let Milano know that her attempt at trying to rile the masses was ridiculous, and Liberals like her are already calling him a terrorist for standing up for American Rights.

He wasn’t exaggerating. Since the Parkland shooting, the NRA has been called a “terrorist” group by the Democrat governor of Connecticut, a political action committee run by a former staffer in the Bill Clinton White House, and too many social media hacktivists to count.”

If noir’s comment was not enough, another person on twitter responded and gave Milano the specific names of people on the board of the NRA that happened to be black.

Watch The Video Below.

She needs to sit this one out, as she has no idea what she is talking about.  Just like the many other Liberals that have been speaking out against Guns and the “dangerous” semi-automatics, she is out of her depth.

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