Hollywood Co-Star/Comedian Calls For Trump Impeachment

Patton Oswald is known for his supporting role in King of Queens and his voice acting in Disney movies like Rattatouie, he was the rat. He even does standup but he should have quit while he was ahead? Oswald has been outspoken in his feelings about the president, but ranting on Twitter was not enough for him. He is now calling for people to sign a petition to impeach Trump.

But Oswald is not happy with just coming down on Trump he is spreading his hate to Trump supporters as well.

There is no firm, guiding hand on the tiller of statecraft, the economy, diplomacy, or infrastructure. There is puerile, adolescent emotion and momentary libidinal pleasure. And the rest is up to us. We march in the streets, we petition our representatives, we raise money and signal-boost fundraisers for the weak, vulnerable, and unlucky.

Because this is the epoch of the entitled bully, and everyone else — even those who support the bullies but just so happen to be weak — can fuck right off. If we see racism? We call it out and deal with it. They’re not going to step in. If we see blatant hypocrisy and greed? We do our best to curtail it, ’cause it’s what they’re aspiring to.”

This is how Oswald feels about the president:

Oswald links Tom Steyer’s petition to impeach Trump.  The site has a negative spin on Trump.

“Our president surrounds himself with criminals. He hired criminals to work for him, he hired criminals to run his campaign, and he hired criminals to serve in his administration.

We must act to remove him from office.”

There you have it another Hollywood actor telling Trump Supporters to F*** off and telling everyone else to sign a petition in hopes of removing the Trump the supposed Bully. Does he not see the message he is sending? Trump won the election, meaning Oswald just told at least half of America to F*** off because they did the right thing. Trump supporters saved America from Hillary’s leadership. Democrats just don’t realize the bullet America dodged.

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