Immigrant Man Attempts The Trump Wall And Reaps The Consequences [Video]

Democrats are always going on about how the Trump wall will be useless or a complete waste of money. As long as the Liberal open border fanatics are kept at bay, the wall has true potential as seen below in the video.

It’s a thirty-foot fall. The man is lucky to be alive. The man broke both of his legs on our side of the border in downtown Calexico, east of San Diego. The wall has clearly worked as a deterrent as you can see in the video but the follow up is another issue.

The Border patrol came upon the man who was not moving, considering the situation and called for aid.

EMS established that the man has sustained bilateral femur fracture to both legs and a possible back injury. The man was taken by REACH helicopter to a medical center in Palm Springs.”

The Border Patrol didn’t identify the man. Spokesman Carlos Pitones says the U.S. government typically pays medical expenses for people who are injured crossing the border illegally and they are deported after recovery.”

So that means we are going to be picking up the tab for all of his medical expenses. This was not a minor incident. He is going to need casts, physical therapy, and numerous doctors. That’s not including the costs to feed and shelter him. And what about that helicopter ride those are not cheap.

While looking into this someone had a great idea to make up for the losses. We should send a bill to the country of origin and if they are unwilling to pay, then we take it out of the money that we would normally send them.

But looks like there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out. Maybe we need to put some razorwire at the top, or a sign that lets people know their chances of surviving a 30-foot fall.


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