Liberal Trevor Noah Makes Fun of Strzok’s GoFundMe Campaign [Video]

Trevor Noah went off on Peter Strzok on his television show, over his GoFundMe campaign. He didn’t go off so much that he started a GoFundMe page as he did the fact that he keeps raising the goal.

He went from $150 k then to $350 k and finally to $500 k.  Noah said it’s unbelievable that he gets half a million dollars just for hating Trump. It is being widely reported that Strzok was fired for his anti-Trump tweets. I’m skeptical. He was originally going to get a 60-day suspension but when the announcement came, he was fired.

I suspect he ended up getting fired for the same reason as Andrew McCabe, lack of candor. We know he lied to Congress about his involvement on the FISA application.

From The Daily Caller

Strzok, who was fired Friday over anti-Trump text messages he sent in 2016 and 2017, initially sought $150,000 to help pay for legal bills and lost income. That number rose to $350,000 and then again to $500,000 after the donations continued coming in. 

As of Thursday night, Strzok’s page has raised over $425,000, which is approaching his half-a-million goal. During that same time period, over 11,000 people have donated to the cause with the highest donation being $2,000.

Noah continued, “This is a scam! Because, seriously, half-a-million dollars on a GoFundMe just for hating Donald Trump! There are cancer patients on that site that are like, ‘Hey, we hate him, too. Can you pay for my treatments?’”

But, what I don’t understand is if Strzok is as pure as the driven snow, why does he need legal fees? If you look at his page, it specifically says lost wages, too. So, if he doesn’t need a lawyer, he can pocket the entire half a million dollars. What a payday just for being a crooked public servant.

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