Looks Like No One Is Going To Be Watch The NFL After DNC Vice Chair Weighs In

The NFL is making the news again while attempting to finally come around and fix their anti-patriotic image. They, unfortunately, attracted the attention of DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison. The NFL, as we all know by this point, was either too PC conscious or didn’t care to stop their players, like Kaepernick, from disrespecting the American Flag. Now after coming up with a semi-resolution on the whole kneeling bit, they have riled up the Left.

Ellison is calling for a boycott on the NFL in response to the anti-kneeling policy. So that’s a boycott from the right and left now. Ellison went to Twitter to express his outrage over respecting the flag.

Friends who know me, know that I love football. But I won’t be watching this NFL season because of the unfair cowardly and idiotic kneeling ban.

But I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise as Ellison is an advocate for protest, even to the violent extent, based on his choice of reading material.

Watch The Video Below.

How do we get politicians like this? Ellison has claimed to be against the very constitution he claims to support as a congressman. But I guess no one cares about a little thing like the document that helped to found our country.

Ellison is a piece of work, I would be surprised by his appointment as a politician in general if not for people like Maxine Waters, Al Green, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren.

But the NFL put themselves in this position when they failed to act swiftly.

Just who will be watching the NFL? It seems like they have got themselves in a pickle as they are caught between patriotism, respecting the flag, or allowing further disrespect to The National Anthem and the flag that our military fights under. Wait… Where’s the tough decision?

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