MSM Bias Revealed After A Previous Waffle House Incident Gets “Overlooked”

The Mainstream Media has shown its bias with the intense focus on the Tennessee Waffle House incident while neglecting the attempted robbery from another Waffle House two days prior.The difference: An AR-15.

The Media has been all over the recent Wafflehouse incident where a mentally disturbed individual shot 4 people at random in a Waffle House. The shooter, Travis Reinking, would have likely killed more had he not been stopped by James Shaw Jr. at the Waffle House. But what would have happened had one of those Waffle House customers had been armed?

Well, there is a clear example of what could have happened at another Waffle House two days prior. In the state of Lousiana, another Waffle House was attacked. Two men attempted to rob the Waffle House. They stormed the restaurant with semi-automatic pistols and held up the waitress. They then proceeded to start robbing the customers. The first customer complied and gave the robber his money but the next customer was not as defenseless. He was armed.

When one of the robbers approached this armed man, he was in for a surprise as he started to demand money from him. The man pulled his weapon and scared away the first robber. The second one was not as bright and decided to engage the man with his weapon. After some shots were fired, the second robber ran from the Waffle House with his tail between his legs. The armed customer claimed that his shots had landed and it was later revealed that a man was dropped off at a local hospital with gunshot wounds.

Watch The Video Below.

But as you can see there wasn’t an AR-15 to demonize in the Louisiana story.

This incident also has a man defending himself with a gun, something the Liberals and Mainstream Media don’t want to publicize.

Afterall this story goes against the Anti-gun narrative the Liberals are selling.

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