NY Gov. Cuomo Pulls Huge Anti-Trump Move

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Statement About Withholding The National Guard From The Border.

It is the job of the National Guard to keep our nations safe from foreign and domestic threats. They are called in during storms and are stationed throughout the country until disaster strikes. They have been called upon during hurricanes and floods in order to save Americans, but now when they are once again needed, they are being held up in New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to get in the way of National Security. He made a statement on Monday in regards to their deployment. Cuomo, who has clearly been swayed by the MSM, feels that Border Security and current policy is unjust. He, therefore, claims that he will not send in The National Guard to help keep our borders safe.

He posted his statement on Twitter.

“The administration’s unconscionable treatment of families at our border is a moral outrage and an affront to the values that built this state and this nation.

In the face of this ongoing human tragedy, let me clear: New York will not be party to this inhumane treatment of immigrant families. We will not deploy The National Guard to the border, and we will not be complicit in a political agenda that governs by fear and division.

Day after day, I am increasingly disturbed by the reports of disgraceful tactics used by ICE both in our own state and along our nation’s border. I have called on the Acting Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security to investigate illegal and discriminatory ICE tactics in New York and to tell us what his office is doing about the assault of immigrant families along our border.

In New York, we stand for the values embodied by the lady in our harbor. We know that our diversity is our greatest strength, and we will never stop fighting to protect and strengthen the rights of immigrants.”

As you can see in the video below from earlier this year, Cuomo doesn’t seem to understand what illegal means. So he puts out an executive order to hinder ICE.

Cuomo doesn’t seem to grasp the importance of ICE and border security. He instead plans to turn his back on his Country when it is in need. The media is trying to make it look as if we are treating these illegal immigrants unfairly. But all we are doing is upholding the law. A law that has been on the books even during Obama’s time. It’s only now that the media even cares about immigrants. As they are always looking for a new angle to slight the president.