NY Governor Cuomo Bashes Trump In Wake Of McCain’s Death

John McCain past away earlier this week, as most of us know. Democrats are using his death as a way to attack Trump. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a known Trump hater, and over the top liberal, went after the president.

Cuomo was outraged that the flags were being raised only 48 hours after McCain’s death. He felt Trump was trying to stick it to McCain. But it is customary to honor Senators and Congressmen with the flag at half-mast for 48 hours…

“At this point, we should be surprised by pettiness and nastiness and shameful behavior?” Cuomo asked. “I don’t think so.”

“[Trump] is predictable in his narcissism, his anger and his disdain – and jealousy,” he said. “He’s jealous. He should be jealous. Senator McCain is twice the public elected official this president will ever be.”

“Flags are at half-staff on New York State buildings, but not the White House,” Cuomo tweeted. “Why is Pres. Trump showing disrespect to the late Senator? Because Senator McCain was twice the public elected official Donald Trump will ever be.”

Watch The Video Below.

So uber liberal Cuomo thinks he has any room to talk. He has been fighting Trump every step of the way when it comes to strengthening our border security. Cuomo stopped the National Guard stationed in New York from mobilizing and heading down to the border. He is calling his state a sanctuary state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem. He just fails to realize how much his meddling is hurting America.  A clear example would be Jose Olmos-Torres, an illegal who killed a homeless woman in New York. He was deported before and snuck back into the country to kill an American citizen. This is what Cuomo invites to New York. He should be complicit in all crimes involving Illegals since he won’t follow the laws of the land and even obstructs Justice.

But Cuomo, like most Liberals, seems to forget that he is supposed to be serving his constituents, which are Americans. But I guess you can’t fix stupid.


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