Ohio State Forced By Federal Court To Fund Planned Parenthood

Ohio Forced To Fund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood was having a rough time in Ohio until The Federal Court got involved. Ohio had passed a law that cut the federal taxpayer money from going to the controversial organization.

The Ohio law targeted the more than $1.4 million in funding that Planned Parenthood gets through the state’s health department. That money, mostly from the federal government, supports certain education and prevention programs.”

Ohio lawmakers felt that Planned Parenthood did not deserve the funding.

The Constitution does not give private corporations the right to taxpayer dollars,” Michael Gonidakis (President of Right to Life). “Planned Parenthood receives countless tax dollars a year from hardworking Ohioans, which frees up their budget to fund their real priorities: abortion on demand. We trust that pro-life Attorney General Mike DeWine will defend this law that protects the conscience rights of Ohio taxpayers at the Supreme Court, and those activist judges won’t get the final say in this matter.”

Planned Parenthood took the state to court and worked to overturn the law that was preventing them from getting funded.

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Ohio argued that Planned Parenthood was seeking a constitutional guarantee to public funding that does not exist. But U.S. Circuit Judge Helene White said the two Planned Parenthood affiliates in the case claimed no such thing.

“What they do claim is a right not to be penalized in the administration of government programs based on protected activity outside the programs,” she wrote for the three-judge panel.

White said the law had violated Planned Parenthood’s due process rights by requiring a health care provider surrender its right to provide legal abortions as a condition of participating in programs that have nothing to do with abortion.”

Should taxpayers have to cover Planned Parenthood when the organization is known for administering abortions?

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