Outspoken Lib Actually Defends Laura Ingraham [Video]

Bill Maher Defends Ingraham?

When it comes to people who might defend Ingraham from Hogg’s malicious boycott, Maher is definitely not the person you’d think would rush to her aid. But surprisingly not only did Maher state his unexpected opinion, but he defended it to a panel of Liberals.

If that were not enough, he also said that Hogg has entered the political arena and should know that he will be criticized by opponents. If not for his banter and a couple jabs at her during the process, you’d almost forgot you were watching an overly left biased show.

“If you’re going to be out there in the arena, and make yourselves the champions of this cause, people are going to have the right, I think, to argue back,” Maher stated.

“Maybe you shouldn’t say that about a 17-year-old, but again, he’s in the arena,” Maher pointed out. “And then he calls for a boycott of her sponsors.”

Maher even goes as far as claiming Hogg’s actions are unamerican.

“Really? Is that American?” he asked. “(Hogg) complains about bullying? That’s bullying! I have been the victim of a boycott… I lost a job once. It is wrong.”

But he really brings it home when he makes the point that Hogg is infringing upon Ingraham’s freedom of speech. The panel tries to argue and justify Hogg’s actions. but it is clear that Maher is right and is actually talking some sense.

“Effectively, it is the modern way of cutting off free speech. It’s a very chilling atmosphere when this happens,” he concluded.

Watch The Video Below.


He is by no means the perfect defender of Ingraham, but no one can claim he bias or is only defending her because of matching views.

Hopefully, Maher’s perspective will reach some Liberals and make them think twice about listening to Hogg’s hateful anti-gun narrative.

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