Pelosi Slips Up And Inadvertently Agrees With Trump On Vital Issue

The Democrats have been waging an anti-Trump narrative and have found their new angle, immigration. Pelosi spent a while bashing Republicans and Trump during her weekly Press Conference. But she had a tough time when she was questioned about the need for a border wall. She tried to deny the need at first and then proceeded to describe a need for a very wall-like structure.

Reporter: “Would it be better to build a wall at the border that stops people from illegally crossing it, than have to arrest them when they do?”

Pelosi: “I’m sorry what was that?”

Reporter: “Would it be better to build a wall-”

Pelosi: “No, It would not be better to build a wall. A wall is ineffective, expensive, immoral, and where there might be some places where it’s useful for my security and a mutually agreed upon protection for each side to have some structure, let’s see what that is. But it’s not better to build a wall. What’s better to do is build a bridge.”

As you can see she seems to want to say wall without saying wall. But she can’t because Trump is for “security structures,” also known as walls.

But what is really telling is her want to build bridges. The US has a crumbling infrastructure issue and Pelosi feels we should be building bridges to help illegal immigrants get here? Seems expensive, immoral, and counterproductive.

Pelosi dodges another question, where she was asked if she would be willing to sign a bipartisan immigration bill to stop the Family Separation.

Reporter: “If the Senate were to be able to pass a narrow bill that was bipartisan to address the Family Separation Issue would you urge Democrats to support it?”

Pelosi: “I can’t get anybody to support something that I haven’t seen.”

She then went on to talk about some bills from February. She is referring to an occasion where Trump was unable to get bipartisan support for a bill. But for some reason, she feel this justifies the Democrats who were not willing to help him with a recent bill to address the border issue. As far as I know, Congress and the Senate are supposed to vote differently depending on their stance on a particular bill. Is she implying that she will automatically vote no, or will not cooperate on any Trump supported bills?

So her answer to working together on a bipartisan bill was, feign ignorance and then blame the results of a previous failed bipartisan bill? This doesn’t sound all that cooperative to me.

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