Philadelphia Caves To Anti-ICE Protesters

Sadly the Illegal Immigrant issue in America is still a concern. Republicans are hoping to gain some more seats, in order to change things. Since the illegal immigration issue has yet to be addressed, we have to deal with states making rogue actions like New York and Pennsylvania.

New York has refused to aid ICE, by withholding the National Guard and pardoning lawbreaking illegals. Philadelphia is following New York’s lead and is affecting National Security as well. They are hindering ICE by taking away a useful tool.

Philadelphia will no longer allow ICE to access their arrest records.

Mayor Kenney won’t renew a controversial city contract that allows federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to access a key law-enforcement database, known as PARS, and use that information against undocumented but otherwise law-abiding immigrants in Philadelphia.

“I cannot in good conscience allow the agreement to continue,” the mayor said.”

ICE spokesperson Katie Waldman responded to this irresponsible action.

Sanctuary city policies make American communities like Philadelphia less safe by putting the rights of criminal aliens over the safety and security of American citizens,” she said in a statement. “Despite the misguided action taken by Philadelphia today, DHS will continue to work to remove illegal aliens and uphold public safety.”

But what could possibly be pressuring the mayor to act this way?

“This month, as many as 175 demonstrators massed outside the Center City office of ICE, calling for the agency to be abolished,  the family detention center in Berks County to be closed, and the PARS agreement to end. Forcibly removed from those environs, an Occupy ICE encampment quickly relocated to the east side of City Hall.”

Watch The Video Below.

The mayor claims that he was not pressured by the protestors.  His decision was instead based on his belief that ICE may have been abusing the system.

He was concerned that ICE would arrest illegals that were not criminals, disrupting the immigrant communities. So he was worried they would do their jobs.

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