Rand Paul Backs America Praising The Brennan Security Clearance Removal [Video]

John Brennan is up in arms over his security clearance removal. He is upset that he will no longer be able to divulge secrets to the media. So the MSM is backing his claim, trying to somehow call security clearance part of the 1st amendment. But last time I checked the Freedom of speech doesn’t cover security clearances.

Senator Rand Paul was interviewed by Neil Cavuto. He had the following to say about the John Brennan’s security clearance removal.

“I think John Brennan’s actually a national security risk to the country, and we are safer because his security clearance is gone.

The reason I say that is in 2012 he actually released information to other ex-CIA agents who went on TV and said, ‘oh, we have a double agent in Yemen.

Well at the time there was a double agent in Yemen and… their life was put at risk because of John Brennan’s releasing information that he shouldn’t have.

John Brennan was also involved with illegally looking at Democrat’s computers who were investigating CIA torture and then lying about it before a committee. So John Brennan should have been fired for cause long ago and he shouldn’t be within a mile of classified information because he’s a national security risk — he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut, and now he is someone who is going out there saying the commander in chief is treasonous.

I don’t know how you can be in the chain of information if you are saying the commander in chief should be put to death for treason. So yea John Brennan is way out there, absurdly out there and needs to have no connection to government ever again.”

Hannity even found a policy that backed up Trump’s decision about Brennan.

“In the case of former CIA Directors, The Agency ‘holds’ their security clearance and renews every five years for the rest of their lives. However, that requires the former CIA Directors to act like current CIA employees.”

So Brennan should have known better than to attack Trump and leak US secrets to MSNBC. He clearly underestimated Trump and is lucky that he is only getting a slap on the wrist. He put his welfare before the lives of Americans. And the MSM loves him for it.

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