Rep Crowley Goes Over The Top, Suggests Compensation For the Illegal Immigrants

It’s like the Democrats come from a different planet sometimes. This idea is just over the top ridiculous. Representative Joe Crowley made the nonsensical suggestion that the U.S. should start compensating illegal immigrants.

Meaning we would be paying people to break our border laws… Crowley said as much in a statement on Capitol Hill.

“To have these children ripped apart and separated is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve witnessed in my twenty years of service here in the House of Representatives,”

“The damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong, to the families units as well and in fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them.”

Watch The Video Below.

Crowley,  presently in his 10th term in Congress and the fourth highest-ranking Democrat in the House is on his way out.”

The outgoing lawmaker’s remarks are striking considering the harmful impact illegal immigration has on the American worker. According to a 2016 study released by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, “Immigration cuts working Americans’ wages by roughly 5.2 percent per year, or a total of $500 billion per year. That $500 billion ‘immigration tax’ is scooped up by new low-wage immigrants and by the owners of companies which employ the new immigrants.”

How does he not see that this actually encourages illegal entry into the U.S.? These families are trying to get to the United States for a better life, but they are unwilling to follow the laws of the land. The group is detained and separated. They are given meals and shelter until they can be processed for breaking the law. So how does it make sense to pay these families for breaking the law?

This is what you get with Democrats, outlandish suggestions. But Crowley is supposedly on the way out as he recently lost the primary. But sadly his replacement is none other than the trendy socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Which may or may not be a good thing. She is young and seems to be out of her depth at times. But if she wins she would have more power to push her Abolish ICE and socialist views.

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