Seattle Passes New Gun Control Legislation That May Put Lives At Risk

Gun Control advocates must be rejoicing in Seattle as they have passed a new law that will limit a gun owners ability to defend themselves. The new law prevents gun owners from leaving their guns loaded when unattended. The gun and ammo must also be locked up unless in the possession of the gun owner.

The summary of the law.

The City is interested in reducing gun crimes and gun deaths but is limited in what it may legislate due to the State’s preemption laws. In that context, this bill requires that guns are secured in a locked container when not in possession of their owner or other lawfully authorized users.”

The Gun Control advocates believe that the new law will prevent shootings and the improper use of the guns, but many feel that this new law will leave them in a bind if they need their gun in a hurry, like in the case of a break in.

The new law does not punish gun owner with jail time but it does come with a decent fine.

“CB119266 was passed unanimously by the Seattle City Council and makes it a civil infraction to keep firearms unlocked or loaded while not under control of the owner, imposing a fine of up to $500.

Violating the ordinance can result in even higher penalties, up to $1,000, if the firearm is accessible to a minor or an “at-risk” person. It can incur penalties of up to $10,000 if a minor, “at-risk” person or prohibited possessor obtains the firearm and uses it to harm oneself or another.”

This is the kind of action we need to save lives. While we can’t prevent every gun death or injury, we can take steps to help prevent future tragedies,” said Mayor Durkan.”

While this law may help prevent some incidences with irresponsible gun owners. It hinders the rest of the gun owners who use their guns as a means of protection for their homes. The time that it takes to get the guns out of lock boxes and load up could mean life and death.

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