Socialist Candidate Caught On Tape Bragging About Soros Backing

The Democrats have put forth another Socialist Nominee, Andrew Gillum. Gillum is against ICE, wants to remove historical monuments, is against the Stand your ground law, is for impeaching Trump, and wants voting rights restored for convicts. So with Political stances like these, you know the Democrats were all over him.

Gillum has the support of Bernie Sander and Billionaire Tom Steyers. If that were not enough he also has the support of  George Soros.

Liberal billionaire donors Tom Steyer and George Soros announced Thursday that they’re leading a group of donors making a $650,000 cash infusion into the gubernatorial campaign of Andrew Gillum — a move aimed at showing that Florida’s Democratic Party can be a proving ground for modern progressives.”

Steyer, who already contributed $500,000 to Gillum’s Forward Florida political committee, is chipping in $300,000 more today. Soros, who already contributed $1 million to Forward Florida, is giving another $250,000. And currently, anonymous donors affiliated with Steyer and Soros plan to give at least $100,000, Bercow said.”

In the governor’s race, Steyer would not speak ill of any of the other Democratic candidates. He said he just liked Gillum best because of his biography and his policies.

We endorsed the most progressive candidate,” Steyer said. “We found a candidate who represents a very progressive outlook who has stood up and done the right thing as a public servant and who in our mind would represent a real step forward for Florida.”

Gillum will be running against Trump Supported, Ron DeSantis in the upcoming election.

He is embroiled in a lot of corruption scandals,” Rep. Ron DeSantis, Gillum’s Republican opponent, said on Fox News after the primary win. “This guy can’t even run the city of Tallahassee. There is no way Florida voters can entrust him with our entire state.”

It will be interesting to see if the Sander’s  backed Gillum holds up against the retired Navy Lawyer DeSantos

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