Teacher’s Union Bullies Bank To Drop NRA Sponsorship

Teacher’s Union Tries To Strongarm Bank Into Dropping NRA.

Liberals are still at it, trying to end the NRA in hopes to lessen our rights. From Parkland students making outrageous claims and boycotting political commentators, to Hollywood actresses spreading racially charged lies. This time Teachers are at the forefront, instead of using students to sell their anti-gun propaganda.

The American Federation of Teacher’s Union President has given Wells Fargo an ultimatum, The NRA or The Teachers Union.

We’re issuing Wells Fargo an ultimatum,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten said in a Saturday statement. “They can have a mortgage market that includes America’s teachers, or they can continue to do business with the NRA and gun manufacturers. They can’t do both.”

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan has not agreed to their terms but is willing to have a sit-down and talk it out. But Weingarten is not interested.

This is America — Wells Fargo has the right to be the NRA banker, but we have rights too,” Ms. Weingarten wrote in the statement. “That’s why if Tim doesn’t ditch his guns business, we’ll ditch Wells Fargo. We are glad Tim wants to meet; but no words will dissuade us from our view that our society must value people over profits.”

The CEO has not given in to the demands of Union nor has he promised anything but he did issue a response.

“In response, Wells Fargo’s chief executive officer, Tim Sloan, said that the correct way to address these issues would be through political and legislative procedure. Also, he reiterated the bank’s efforts in assisting about 1600 AFT families with home financing in 2017.”

“Sloan extended an invitation to Weingarten for further discussion and added, “I do not believe that the American public wants banks to decide which legal products consumers can and cannot buy.”

Is this how things are going to be from now on? Are Liberals going to continue to bully the NRA out of existence? Wells Fargo should ignore their demands. Its just goes to show you who is teaching the youth of America.

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