This Latest Left Ploy Is Sure To Turn A Few Heads

Teenagers may have a new responsibility as District Lawmaker Charles Allen is attempting to lower the voting age to 16. The lawmaker is hoping to capture some of the teens that have turned political activist.

It’s pretty hard for anyone to watch the events of the last couple of months and not understand the pure power and maturity of incredibly young voices,” he said.

They were powerful. They were thoughtful. They were leading,” Allen said. “I don’t see how anyone could hear any of those voices and think that person couldn’t make an informed decision like anyone else.”

It’s interesting how that works, where Democrats are all about trying to stop teens from accessing guns by raising the age limit to 21 but think 18 is too old for voting. So 18-year-olds are not responsible enough to handle and own weapons, but are responsible enough to weigh in on decisions that affect the future of our society?

Allen believes 16 is the appropriate age for people to start voting. He feels this way because it is the age that people can start working, pay taxes, and start driving.

Watch The News Reel Below.

But Allen is not alone in his belief.

You can’t listen to these 16- and 17-years-olds and say they are not mature enough to participate,” said Scott Warren, chief executive of Generation Citizen, a nonprofit overseeing a campaign to lower the voting age. “We are hopeful that Washington, D.C., can be the first major city in the country to lower the voter age. That would help propel a nationwide movement.”

There are so many things that young people have yet to experience. They are in the process of figuring out what they are going to do with their lives. What major will best suit them. They are also looking to get that first job. Many 16-year-olds just don’t have the life experience to understand the complexities of politics. They will not know whether they are being misled or not.

This proposal sounds like a Liberal attempt to scoop up the misguided teens they have amassed for their anti-gun narrative. If Liberals think teens are responsible enough to decide the fate of the country, then 18 is more than old enough to own and handle a gun.