Trump Dusts Off Reagan Era Law To Try And Save Americans Money

President Looks To Old Law To Fix Expensive Omnibus.

The recent omnibus was thick, and over the top when it comes to spending. If not for the increase in the military budget, Trump would likely have vetoed the government spending bill.

The recently passed omnibus was last minute and contained a ridiculous amount of International spending, that seems unnecessary.

The President wanted to do a line by line veto, but that ability was outlawed by the supreme court and deemed unconstitutional. So Trump can’t repeal parts of the budget, but an old law from 1974 might help.

“The Impoundment Control Act was put in place in 1974 in response to President Richard Nixon’s practice of withholding funds for programs he opposed. Instead, the act requires any requests to withhold funding to go through Congress.

The Impoundment Control Act allows the president to ask Congress to rescind funds that have been allocated in the budget.

Congress is not required to vote on the request, but if they do agree to vote, a simple majority in both chambers is all that is needed to approve cuts the president requests.

These measures could pass with just a majority vote, meaning Democrats could do nothing to stop them — unless, of course, they can convince enough Republicans not to support the president’s wishes.”

So if Trump can maintain The Republican Frontline, he could possibly fix the omnibus and get rid of all of the unnecessary spending. So this could be a breakthrough in how to deal with the overly compromised bills that get through.

Watch The Video Below.

White House legislative director Marc Short said Monday, “The administration is certainly looking at a rescission package, and the president takes seriously his promise to be fiscally responsible.

“Rescission authority” is a related mechanism that allows presidents to submit to Congress a request to cancel spending it has already approved. Under the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, Congress has 45 workdays to approve the rescission request, according to the Congressional Research Service. If Congress does not act, the money is made available.”

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