Trump Stands His Ground And Continues Efforts To Remove ‘Animals’ From The US

MS-13 is a plague on the US and countries that house the violent gang. The gang is responsible for countless deaths as part of their initiation is killing someone. But Liberals somehow feel that these family wrecking gang members need to be protected. They were outraged by Trump’s “mean” name calling. They were upset that Trump called them “animals.”

But Trump did not cave to the Liberal criticism he doubled down, despite Pelosi and her ilk coming down on him saying that calling MS-13 animals was demeaning.

When the MS-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country I refer to them as animals. And guess what, I always will.” Trump clarified his stance for Liberals that thought he might back down to their whining.

But they must have been blinded by the chance to attack Trump because this gang is vicious.

Republican Rep Pete King of New York made a great comment in regards to the animal comment.

First of all the president is entirely on target. The only criticism I would make is that he is being unfair to animals. Animals don’t kill their own, they don’t torture their own.”

Watch The Video Below.

Earlier this year MS-13 gang members kidnapped 3 teen girls, a 14, 15, and 16 year old. They forced the girls to drink and take drugs. They then forced them to have sex with them. The 15-year-old protested and made fun of their shrine to Satan. So they sacrificed her in a satanic ritual. The 15-year-old was found shot in the face and chest.

A father of an MS-13 victims came out on Tucker and said that Trump “was actually being very polite.” I imagine the father had much stronger words in mind when he think of the gang responsible for the death of his child.

The FBI estimates there are 10,000 MS-13 Gang Members in the US. Back in 2017, ICE arrested 796 members of MS-13, the highest gang seizure in nine years.

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