Tucker Takes On Harvard Professor Over Terrible Idea For SCOTUS

The Democrats can not stand the idea of the SCOTUS possibly being slightly conservative, but you know they would be more than happy if Kennedy had retired during the Obama Administration. But luckily for us, Kennedy has decided now was the time.

Tucker Carlson took on Harvard University Professor, Ian Samuel, who believes the Supreme Court of the United States needs to be packed with more Liberals. He feels it should be as important as the Abolish ICE movement.

Tucker: “Wouldn’t it just be easier to give California, I don’t know, 27 new congressional districts in LA County and be done with it? Or maybe just abolish Congress entirely. If the goal is just to increase the power of the left, why mess around with the Supreme Court?”

Samuel: “We can’t do that until we add some seats to correct the balance. Look, I would love a sort of settlement once this is all done. I would love to get to a place, for example, where maybe every president gets two or three guaranteed Supreme Court nominations. Maybe we should have an even-numbered Supreme Court. You know, ten justices, five from each party. I think that would be nice. It would require a little court packing, but that’s the art of the deal. The reality is, we’re way out of whack, and if we are to have any hope of moving forward with a Supreme Court that’s not this kind of ideological partisan institution we have a lot of work to do, so let’s do it.”

Tucker: “So in other words, increase the power of the left and everything will be cool.”

Tucker then went on to correct Samuel’s misconception. He let him know that SCOTUS, according to polls. is actually representative of the people and have been voting as such.

Samuel did not believe Tucker and said as much. But he made his views real clear when he was given the last word at the end of Tucker’s segment.

“Socialism will win! Thanks for having me.”

Watch the Video Below.

It is concerning that Socialism is becoming trendy in the left and that’s the opinion of the head of the DNC, Tom Perez. Perez believes Socialism is the future of the Democratic Party. Hopefully, he is wrong.

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