Two More Companies Appear On Our “Boycott” List

Two Companies Drop Ingraham After She Comes Down On The Liberal Narrative.

Laura Ingraham made a heck of a return on Monday, and she took off the kiddie gloves. She basically said Liberals are now against Free Speech. Which apparently not everyone took too well. Liberal companies have been dropping The Ingraham Angle because of Hogg’s spiteful boycott. Despite that many of the companies have stayed on.

Now after Ingraham defended herself and put the Liberals on blast, a few companies couldn’t handle the heat.

The big name company that caved was Slim Fast, a company that has been around for quite a while. The other company a smaller, less known business is Blue Apron.

The lesser known company may have been dropping Ingraham just to try and get some publicity, as it is struggling to stay relevant when you have Amazon’s online Pantry, that now includes Whole Foods.

Blue Apron Tweeted the following after the Monday night show.

I guess they are hoping that their customer base is mostly those same Liberals that Laura was pointing out.

Watch The Video Below.

Blue Apron is a company that sends you all the ingredients to a recipe and gives out specific portions. It’s basically cooking for the lazy or those that have trouble boiling water, but are willing to pay more for the convenience.

Blue Apron is still a relatively young company that is having a tough time at the moment.

Blue Apron is undeniably one of last year’s worst IPOs. The stock has fallen 82% since going public at $10 last year. Many consumer-facing companies tend to see a spike in brand popularity after going public, but that obviously hasn’t happened at Blue Apron. Despite being flush with IPO cash since last year, it has had operating hiccups at a new fulfillment facility, challenges with marketing, and a leadership change at the helm. The competition was coming a year ago, and now it may be too late to fight back.”

So I guess there is another reason not to buy the diet food from Slimfast, and Blue Apron can continue to fade into obscurity. As I don’t see why anyone would want to overpay for raw ingredients when they can just go to grocery store.

Why would anyone want to back these companies that don’t believe in Free Speech for everyone?

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