Watch: Former Secret Service Agent Bongino Cuts Through Brennan’s BS

John Brennan made a big deal about getting his Security clearance removed. He clearly forgot his place as this is the president, his old boss. Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino appeared on Tucker Carlson to point out just how right Trump was in cutting Brennan out.


“Why would John Brennan have a Security Clearance as an NBC Employee? Why are they Tamping down any effort to ask any obvious questions about what our government is doing?


“Well, you would think so Tucker but we are dealing with a modern-day Pravda. You understand that John Brennan was the puppetmaster of the entire scheme to violate the civil liberties of Donald Trump and his team. John Brennan was that guy. John Brennan, Tucker, Tweeting today about his principles, I thought it was a joke. I have to check for the blue checkmark. John Brennan has no principles. This is a disgraceful human being who nearly destroyed the reputation of the intelligence community.

Tucker on August 25th of 2016, John Brennan himself, this is a fact its public record, went and briefed Harry Reid up on the hill about elements in the dossier that then made it into a letter from Harry Reid to the FBI. That was used as a predicate to spy on the Trump team and we are supposed to trust this guy? This guy should get off Twitter and hire a lawyer.”


“Well, I also thought we are supposed to be impressed by him. I don’t know, call me naive but I grew up imagining the heads of our intelligence agencies were sophisticated and intelligent. Everything I have ever read by John Brennan is banal. It’s a cliche’, it’s pompous, it’s stupid. He doesn’t seem like an impressive person how did he end up running for the most powerful intelligence agency in the world?

Watch The Video Below. 

As you can Bongino and Tucker do not think much him and it scary to think that he was running the CIA. It’s weird that this is the state of affairs where we have these disgruntled employees that think it is ok to come down on the president.

But this just goes to show you that Trump is doing the right thing in removing Brennan’s Security Clearance. The way Brennan acts makes you wonder where his loyalties lie.


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