WATCH: MSNBC Hosts Can’t Handle Trump’s Approval Rating

Democrats can’t handle that Trump supporters are not swayed by the MSM’s propaganda. They believe wholeheartedly in CNN and all of the spins that they are hearing. So they can’t understand how Trump supporters continue to remain loyal when the MSM is broadcasting so much Trump hate.

MSNBC’s Monday MTP had a segment of baffled commentators that didn’t understand loyalty or belief in the president.

“Last week was a tidal wave of bad news for this presidency and this president, and his approval rating stayed the same,” Katy Tur said unable to grasp why. “So I wonder — I mean, if that’s not going to move the needle, is this John McCain thing going to move the needle?

And forgive me for being skeptical because I was under the impression, as were most people, that when Donald Trump came out and said he wasn’t a war hero — he likes the guys that don’t get caught — back in 2015, that people would care. And when I went out and I talked to Republican voters, they didn’t care at all.”

Eighty-eight percent of Republicans still support him — 88 percent, I’m sorry, I just — I start to wonder when we have these conversations and we say, ‘Well, this is going to be the breaking point,’ I wonder if there is a breaking point. I wonder if enough people in this country find the actions and the behavior repulsive enough to want to change what’s going on.

(if needed, fast forward to 8 minutes and 30 seconds)

Trump has time and time again followed through with his campaign promises. He is more a man of his word than most politicians that have taken office. He is trying his best to uphold his promises, despite resistance from both the Democrats and at times his own party. Democrats are constantly putting a negative spin on everything he does. The North Korean Diplomacy that Trump worked out is a great example of this. Democrats barely recognized that Trump made peace with a man threatening nuclear war.

They just don’t understand that the MSM has lost most, if not all, of its credibility with most conservatives because of all of their manipulations of facts and the news.

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