WATCH: NY Times Columnist Blames Law Abiding Americans For Waffle House Shooting

The Gun Control Agenda is strong with Liberals. So much so that a New York Times Columnist had the gall to blame Law Abiding Americans, who support the Second Amendment, for the Waffle House Shooting.

MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle had a panel to discuss the Waffle House shooting: Bret Stephens, the  New York Times Columnist and Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude. Stephens claimed there is a problem with Americans who stand by their right to bear arms.

“Well, that’s exactly it. The problem that we have is that we have not just a legal regime, but a culture in which the way in which guns are treated as sort of ordinary household implements is precisely what leads to the deaths of the sort we just saw in Waffle House.”

Glaude decided to blame the weapon as opposed to the man who pulled the trigger.

“An AR-15, four people are dead. And the quickness with which that happened is important….I think it’s important for us to say this, that if he [the shooter] didn’t have an AR-15, right, he wouldn’t have been able to kill four people so quickly, in my view. If he didn’t have an AR-15, right, the opportunity to kill even – to cause even more carnage may not have even been possible.”

“This case crystalizes for us everything we find wrong with the current gun control debate, right? And we can say here, we can sit here and say that [shooter Travis] Reinking was mentally unstable or is mentally unstable. We can say that. And we can let people make – draw their conclusions between kind of mental health issues and gun violence. But we don’t want to do that, what we want to say is that there was an AR-15, a weapon of mass destruction, in a Waffle House that required James Shaw to be extraordinary in a moment, in order to save lives. But the real criminal here is that AR-15.”

Watch The Video Below.

So Glaud believes that AR-15s are Weapons of Mass Destruction. That somehow a gun can be held responsible for the deaths of anyone. A weapon is not a simple tool but a tool never the less.

A tool that a person uses and decides to use whether it be for good or evil. A weapon is only as evil as the person wielding it, therefore, a neutral item. It is a paperweight until used by someone.

Glaude fails to realize that a semi-automatic pistol carries more than 4 rounds and could just as easily be used to cause the shooting at the Waffle House. This is not a gun issue as the Liberals like to claim.

It’s a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. By pushing this anti-gun agenda they are painting over the heart of the matter and preventing anything from being done to solve the real problem.

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