West Virginia Delegates Have Had It With The State Supreme Court Justices

West Virginia Delegates are not going easy on their State Supreme Court Justices. The Justices have been wasting money as if it were from their personal accounts. The has led the Delegates to step up and address these power abusing Justices. They passed letters of impeachment on four of the State Justices. So it is now up to the Senate to remove these Justices if they see fit.

The Justices have been living a life of luxury on the dime of the West Virginia taxpayers. Three of the Justices went way overboard on renovations to their offices, while another was giving state employees raises that were not permitted.

Three of them, Chief Justice Margaret Workman and Justices Allen Loughry and Elizabeth Walker, now face impeachment trials in the state Senate.

The fourth, Justice Robin Davis, announced her retirement on Tuesday, just hours after her impeachment. A fifth justice on the court resigned before impeachment proceedings began.

Workman, Loughry, Walker and Davis have all been impeached for failing to carry out their administrative duties. Loughry, Workman and Davis also were impeached for paying retired senior status judges more than the law allowed.

Davis and Loughry were impeached for the use of state money to renovate their offices — but Walker and Workman, who spent less on renovations than their colleagues, were cleared of impeachment charges over the expenses.

Loughry was also impeached for using state vehicles and computers.

All told, 11 articles of impeachment were adopted.”

The charges were largely related to the justices’ use of state funds to conduct office renovations. Davis spent more than $500,000 on her office and Loughry spent more than $363,000 on his.

Loughry is under federal indictment and named in eight impeachment articles, including allegations he lied about taking home a $42,000 antique desk and a $32,000 suede leather couch.”

All four justices are accused of “abusing their authority by failing to control office expenses and not maintaining policies over critical matters.”

They should be forced to pay some of that back. Half a million dollars worth of renovations on a single office. What were they gold plating the walls? There is no need for this kind of extravagance.

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