99% Of New Zealanders Are Refusing To Surrender Their Firearms

New Zealand suffered a great tragedy with their mosque shooting. But they overcorrected and thought that gun bans were the right course of action. Turns out the lawful gun owners did not feel the same, as most of them decided that they would keep their guns.

The New Zealand Prime Minister quickly proved that guns were not her forte.

The guns used in these terrorist attacks had important distinguishing features,” Prime Minister Ardern said at a press conference in Wellington. “First, big capacity, and also their delivery. They had the power to shoot continuously, but they also had large capacity magazines.”

Contrary to that description, the guns used by the perpetrator of the mosque attacks, which killed 50 people, did not “shoot continuously.” They were semi-automatic rifles, meaning they fired once per trigger pull. And while Ardern referred to “important distinguishing features,” the only one she mentioned (twice) was “big capacity,” which is a characteristic of the magazine rather than the gun itself.”

She is just another uninformed politician making bad policy. Since the Ban, very few gun owners have come forward.

As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall.

Traditionally relaxed in its approach to firearms regulation, and enjoying a low crime rate, New Zealand has no firearms registration rule. That means authorities have no easy way of knowing what guns are in circulation or who owns them.

“These weapons are unlikely to be confiscated by police because they don’t know of their existence,” Philippa Yasbek of Gun Control NZ admitted. “These will become black-market weapons if their owners choose not to comply with the law and become criminals instead.”

They SHOULD hold on to them. Guns can be tools of defense. Law-abiding citizens are not going to use them for anything more than personal defense or hunting. They should never have been banned in the first place. Good for them standing up to an overbearing government that plans to leave them defenseless.

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