After Trump… President Ben Shapiro?

Dailywire editor Ben Shapiro is not running for president as of yet but according to BetOnline his odds have improved. The Political Pundit made a statement on how he would run the government if he ever did run and win the presidential election.

A lot fewer executive orders, I’m not a fan of executive orders … I think that an attempt to restructure entitlements would be very high on the priority list; if you’re going to do it, do it early in your presidency, because you’re going to feel blowback for doing it, and if we don’t fix the entitlement problem, the government’s basically done. 80% of our budget is entitlements, essentially.

I would have a basic rule, and the basic rule would be: I will not sign any bill that is longer than three pages and not in basic language. I want the American people to understand what it is that people are voting for and what they are signing. I would also fire half of the executive branch immediately. I would disband not just three departments, but a lot of departments.”

I think government by executive fiat is gross; I don’t think that’s what the presidency was designed to do, and I would take structural measures to undermine the power of the federal government so that the person who came after me could not revamp it. I would devolve a lot of power to the states; I would devolve a lot of power to localities…

I would be maybe the first president in history trying to undermine the power of the executive branch on behalf of the legislature and simultaneously strengthen the military on behalf of national security.”

So Shapiro is pro-military, wants to bring the power back to the people, shrink big government, and make legislation that you doesn’t need a law degree to decipher. Would he make a good president?

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