Alyssa Milano Makes Ridiculous Statement About Republicans And Pelosi

Hollywood Celebrities are constantly showing us just how uninformed they are when they talk about Politics. It is ridiculous just how far to the left they are. Recently Deniro came out against Trump with his F Trump sentiment. He even had the gall to apologize for our president as if he was some sort of Ambassador for The U.S. But it is clear he is just following the MSM narrative much like Alyssa Milano.

Milano did not come out with the vulgarity that Deniro did, instead, she just went to Twitter and made it clear that she has no idea what is going on. She had the audacity to say that Nancy Pelosi is scary. And she would have been kind of right if she stopped there. But she said more than that. She thinks Republicans are afraid of Pelosi. And it wasn’t even a joke.

Can you do me a favor? Can you retweet this if you’re sick of Republicans attacking Nancy Pelosi? They only attack her, because they’re absolutely terrified of her. They should be. Listen to a new below.”

But aside from the fact that she looks like she might ride a pale horse, there is nothing all that terrifying about Pelosi. Her views are painful and we would all be better off if she retired, but terrifying is just a laughable notion. Mad Maxine has more of mouth on her, Pelosi is just diet Maxine Waters, same Anti-Trump views with half the bite.

But Milano has actively been going after the Trump Administration. She went after Sarah Sanders claiming she is not fit and has been outspoken about her stance on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

The President is temporary.

The Supreme Court is for life.

If someone was hiding 90% of their record, would you give them a job for life?

Call your Senators now 202-804-8191 and demand they and

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