Angel Mom Calls Out Dems On Immigration Reform – We Owe It To Her To Never Forget

Angel Mom Who Lost Her Son To A Person In The U.S. Illegally “I Blame All Our Politicians’ for ‘Working Tirelessly’ for Illegal Aliens Instead of Americans”

Mary Ann Mendoza’s 32-year-old son, a police officer, lost his life at the hands of an illegal immigrant who was driving while drunk. Officer Brandon Mendoza was struck by a vehicle driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona.

Mrs. Mendoza is astonished how quickly the tides have changed in support of illegal immigrants and how quickly people have forgotten why borders are important. “It makes me sad that so many Americans just read a headline or look at a picture and immediately go with the rhetoric about how terrible these children are being treated. When, in fact, a lot of them are arriving at the border having been kidnaped by sex traffickers,” Mrs. Mendoza said.  “These children needed the help they got at the border and thank God America was there to help them,” she added.

According to Breitbart, in an interview with Lou Dobbs, Mendoza said there has been more outraged about child border crossers from politicians and liberals than for American citizens who have been killed and murdered by illegal aliens.

“I blame all of our politicians. Any elected official on a federal, state, or city level for working tirelessly and so hard for illegal aliens in our country,” Mendoza said. “And not putting forth that effort to protect their American, their fellow American citizens. It’s been an ongoing battle, it’s something that they don’t want to solve.”

“My son, a respected police officer, their fellow citizen, means nothing to them,” Mendoza said. “None of the over 4,300 Americans that are killed every year by illegal alien criminals allowed to stay in our country — and we have senators and congress members who are fighting for MS-13 gangs to remain here. There are over 900,000 convicted illegal alien felons roaming our streets. This is where the problem has to stop.”

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