Another Senator Goes on Offense Against A.G. Barr: “Moral Dead Zone”

Senator Hirono was interviewed by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Hirono claimed that A.G. Barr is compromised and a liar. She of course if referring to the Mueller Report, as she like many Dems cannot handle that it proved Trump is innocent.

Mitchell started off by bringing up that Trump talked to Putin about the Mueller Report and his innocence. Mitchell speculated about what was said between the two leaders and then asked Hirono her opinion on it.

Hirono: “I doubt very much that he told Putin not to attack the American Elections again…”

“This is the president once again acting the way he does, which is not to have any witnesses. And right now with the whole Mueller situation, he considers it over and so does Lindsey Graham. I look at it as not over. We’d like to hear from Mueller. And I stick by what I said that Barr lied to Congress.”

Mitchell: “What should the repercussions be, if any? And how can there be any, since any referral for lying to Congress or whatever else it would be would go to the Justice Department under William Barr?”

Hirono: “We can expect that the Justice Department will not prosecute any kind of contempt of Congress decision. But then we have to resort to the courts, which is what we have to do with every decision, every executive order this president puts out. There are more than 80 challenges to the actions of this administration and we are constantly having to go to court to stand for the rule of law.

This is the president once again, doing the two things that he cares about most, protecting himself, and money. And right now he’s very busy protecting himself. And that’s why I’ve characterized what goes on at the White House as a moral dead zone. You enter that dead zone, and you end up with an attorney general who can’t even tell me that telling the White House counsel to lie is not okay. He can’t answer that.”

This looks desperate. When are the Dems going to accept the results of the Mueller Report? Are Dems going to open an investigation into anyone that doesn’t give them the results they want? It sure looks like it is heading that way.

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