Another Story The Gun Grabbers Don’t Want Circulating

There is so much bias against guns in the mainstream media. The MSM would have you believe guns are the cause of all evil acts. The media seems to underestimate the value of a gun and how a gun can keep you safe. That anti-gun bias appears to blind these gun grabbers from stories where law-abiding citizens defend themselves. Thereby preventing reasonable stories from getting on the air as the stories would work against their narrative.

Georgia Home Owner Carlos Wicker was in for a surprise as an armed assailant attempted to rob him at his home.

It was just before midnight,” Wicker told Fox5. “He came across the grass toward me, telling me to give him my stuff. He had a gun in his hand. I fired right away, retreated right into the garage and got behind cover.”

He says his years of officer training as a former DeKalb County police officer and district attorney investigator, working to take criminals off the street, took over.”

The robber took off running not prepared for a homeowner to have the ability to defend himself. He joined his accomplice in a nearby car and drove off. The failed robber has yet to be apprehended, but will likely think twice before repeating such a foolish crime.

Neighbors in the area said they’re surprised that robbers would target their quiet community where many say they moved away from the city to get away from crime.

“I want to find out what’s happened because we have young children here,” one neighbor said. “It’s not normal.”

Watch the Video Below.

Homeowners defending themselves is thankfully not as uncommon as some news sources might claim. But you know this story won’t get as much traction as it deserves, as it is pro gun and pro self defense.

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