Another Strategy FAIL! Dems Spend $61.2 Million On A Failing Candidate – AGAIN!

Looks like Democrats can’t catch a hint. Their plan to throw as much cash into the November elections as possible continues to blow up in their greedy faces but do they change strategies? Absolutely not! Essentially, Democrats continue to prove that simply throwing cash at a problem literally solves nothing.

In their latest exciting moral victory, Democrats have now dropped $38.1 million on failing Texas senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, bringing his grand total to $61.2 million in a race he now trails by seven points, according to The Daily Wire. 

This is only the latest iteration of the Democratic strategy of dropping insane amounts of money on races Democrats are fated to lose. Democrats dropped $24 million on Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 6th District congressional race, as well as another $8 million from affiliated outside groups; Ossoff lost 52% to 48%.

In a Poll average published by Real Clear Politics, O’Rourke trailing numbers has humiliated Democrats. Not to mention added to the party’s financial strain. Though, we are sure their buddy Soros will step in and help them out if ‘times get tough’ on the financial end.

The Democrat’s candidate hasn’t lost yet but let us just say it doesn’t look good for Dems in the Lone Star state.

When LBJ was elected vice president, a conservative Democrat was appointed to replace him. In the ensuing special election, liberal Democrats either stayed home or cast a protest vote for Republican John Tower, whom they figured they could easily defeat down the road. The same dynamic played out in 1966, and by 1972 Tory Democrats were defecting to the Republican Party, while the Republicans’ native base in the suburbs continued to grow.

Something we have witnessed under the Trump administration and even before his 2016 win. The Democrat party has no one to blame but themselves. With the recent extreme behavior of their representatives into account, the real question is; why aren’t more of them defecting to the Republican party?

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