AOC Caught In Lie and Refuses To Accept It

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, why did Democrats ever vote you in? The self-proclaimed socialist tried to tie Don Jr Trump to a case of criminal conspiracy. It looks like she saw something on Twitter and then hopped on the bandwagon without giving it another thought or fact-checking herself.

She tweeted the following nonsense.

“ICYMI (In case you missed it): Rep. Khanna got Cohen to testify that Don Jr. is the “second executive involved in criminal conspiracy.”

His line of questioning was a very big deal. (He also happens to be a progressive Rep that rejects corporate money!)”

But if she actually watched what transpired she would know that this is BS.

This is the part that AOC was referring to.

“Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA): Are you telling us, Mr. Cohen, that the president directed transactions in conspiracy with Allen Weisselberg and his son Donald Trump, Jr. as part of a criminal conspiracy of financial fraud, is that your testimony today?

Cohen: Yes.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Rep. Ro Khanna asks Cohen the same question numerous times about the identity of Executive 2. The first couple times saying it was presumably Don Jr.. Cohen corrects him and says it was either Eric Trump, Don Jr, or Weisselberg, he is not sure.

Khanna asks him again if Executive 2 is Don Jr., Cohen says he believes so. After a few more questions Cohen is asked again and this time says yes. It is clear that he doesn’t know for certain. If you just look at the testimony it’s an I guess so, I think so, and then a sure why not.

The Wall Street Journal came forward to correct Cohen and Khanna’s assumption.

“The Journal has previously identified “Executive-1” as Mr. Weisselberg. Mr. Cohen testified today that “Executive-2” in the charging document was Donald Trump Jr.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, the second executive was Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney, not the president’s son. Mr. McConney previously referred requests for comment by the Journal to a Trump organization representative, who declined to comment.”

But when AOC was confronted about spreading a falsehood she became defensive.

“How is anything I said a lie? Rep. Khanna did in fact ask Cohen the question, and Cohen implicated the President and his son in criminal conspiracy.

If you take issue with Cohen’s testimony, perhaps that’s a good reason for us to call in further witnesses.”

This seems stupid on her part. She should have looked into it, instead, she is now caught in a lie but has no idea how to get out of it. I am surprised they are still grilling Cohen he has already proven to be a liar. His credibility is shot. But I guess that doesn’t matter to the Dems.

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