AOC Comes Up With A Weak Immigration Fix On Twitter

Freshman Dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came up with a plan that she feels will fix the immigration problems we have right now. This from the woman that lied about the state of detention centers, called them concentration camps and refused to fund the efforts at the border at every turn.

Her immigration plan via tweets.

A thread of some of the policy approaches we should consider wrt (with respect to) immigration:

“1. Foreign policy: Reinstate US humanitarian aid in the Northern Triangle, where people are fleeing. US should start acting like a real partner in Latin America,& increase visas where we intervene.”

“2. Climate change: There is broad consensus from military to activists that resource strains (droughts, famine, etc) & nat disasters are drivers of refugees.

People are fleeing places that were once livable &are no longer. It will get worse the longer we do nothing

“3. Border policy: As @JulianCastro mentioned in the , it’s time to repeal Section 1325 & 1326, the statutes this admin is using to mindlessly throw people in cages.

We have to take these proceedings out of criminal code & into civil code. Torture accomplishes nothing.”

“4. Econ: We need large-scale public investment to spur job creation for citizens&immigrants alike. Ideally that investment transitions us to a sustainable economy (climate & income-wise). We are overdue to rebuild American infra&it’s going to take ALL of us & immigrants to do it.”

So she plugged her Green New Deal, called for open borders, as well as once again making false claims about the state of affairs at the border, and then tried to say our economy needs help with government-funded projects, that will cost taxpayers.

The Green New Deal and her infrastructure projects would raise taxes on Americans, as the money has to come from somewhere. The infrastructure projects would only temporarily boost employment, which is currently at a record high anyway. If you look back at the Hoover Dam or other government projects, they only last for so long. This is not a sustainable plan.

As far as her stance on detention centers and migrants, she is just full of it. There are people that checked out the same facility and found she was lying. There is no torture. So she just made herself look even less credible.

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