AOC Reaches New Lows by Slamming a Law Meant to Help Our Veterans

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is at it again. “Helping out” in a way only she can. During a Town Hall meeting, she tried to come down on the VA Missions Act. An act that is going to help maintain healthcare for veterans. The act is more focused on the care of Veterans as opposed to the well being of The VA Hospital.

AOC had the following to say about the important act.

“There’s something that we are hearing today… Especially when it comes to the VA. All I can think of is that classic refrain that my parents always told me growing up which is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,”

And that is the approach we have seen when it comes to privatization. It’s the idea that this thing that isn’t broken. This thing that provides the highest quality care to our Veterans. It somehow needs to be fixed,… tinkered with until we don’t even recognize it anymore.”

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, said, insisting the VA provides “some of the highest quality” healthcare for veterans. She said people who advocate for a privatized VA are only trying to fix it in favor of pharmaceutical companies.

“Here’s the thing, they are trying to fix it. But who are they are trying to fix it for, is the question we gotta ask …They are trying to fix the VA for pharmaceutical companies, they are trying to fix the VA for insurance corporations, and, ultimately, they are trying to fix the VA for a for-profit healthcare industry that does not put people or veterans first,” she said.

“If we really want to fix the VA so badly, let’s start hiring, and fill up some of those 49,000 [staff] vacancies,” she said, adding the VA would be a blueprint if “Medicare for all” were to pass: “If you ask me, I would like VA for all.”

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“Ocasio-Cortez’s comments were aimed at Trump admin’s effort to help Veterans with teh VA Mission Act which allows Veterans to get treated outside of the VA, if the wait time os too long or the distance to a VA Hospital is too far. It’s an incredibly helpful Act for Veterans.

Putting our veterans first means making sure they are at the center of any reform efforts. That is exactly what the administration did with the VA MISSION Act — put the veteran ahead of the bureaucracy,” Dan Caldwell, executive director of Concerned Veterans for America, told Fox News when asked about Ocasio-Cortez’s comments. “The VA is structured for a veteran population that has fundamentally changed from when it was built. Policy reforms should fundamentally change with the population and the times. When the resources follow the veteran, the veteran wins.”

“When resources go to prop up an aging and outdated bureaucracy, the veteran loses. It’s not about ‘fixing’ the VA, rather it is about making sure the focus of the VA is on the veteran, not itself,” he said.”

In the past, among of the chief complaints about VA healthcare involved timely scheduling of appointments, care and services. Under the VA Mission Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs is required to coordinate timely care including help for those who need VA medical services outside their region of residence.

The VA is also tasked with making sure veterans “do not experience a lapse in health care services.”

A significant improvement under the VA Mission Act is that the Department of Veterans Affairs is now required to provide, “access to community care if VA does not offer the care or services the veteran requires, VA does not operate a full-service medical facility in the state a veteran resides, the veteran was eligible for care in the community under the 40-mile rule in the Veterans Choice Program” and when the veteran meets certain requirements.

The VA is required to enter into contracts with private networks to insure veterans get this care when warranted.

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The VA Hospitals easily become overburdened trying to take care of numerous Veterans. If that were not enough they are not always close by to every Veteran. The VA Mission Act fixes that problem. AOC just doesn’t realize that.

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