Apple CEO Backs Second Amendment Supporters In A Big Way

Apple CEO Refuses To Remove NRA TVĀ From TV Service.

The Liberal Anti-Gun Movement is still alive and well. The new target is NRA TV on the Apple TV streaming service. Many users of the service have demanded that Apple drop NRA TV from the lineup, as they don’t like to see a view they don’t agree with it.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was asked about NRA TV and he answered in a way that I’m sure some anti-gun liberals were upset about.

MSNBC Chris Hayes: “Why is apple streaming NRA TV and how should we interpret that in the context of the kind of ethos that you just described?”

CEO Tim Cook: “First of all, we don’t stream it. We place the app in the app store, so somebody can go and download it and they stream the content.”

“We don’t want to take a view that throttles the public discourse on something. Public Discourse is an important part of Democracy. Democracy without discourse is not a Democracy.

Cook went on to say that he was not personally a fan of NRA TV. But feels the public needs to hear more than just their own opinions regurgitated back to them.

“But their point of view along with the alternate point of view, I think it is actually important for the public to hear that.”

Watch The Video Below.

The Apple CEO is not a fan of NRA TV and does not agree with their pro-gun message. But he understands a concept that many liberals fail to remember or care about. Cook shows that he is for the first amendment. The freedom of speech. If only all liberals were like this, willing to hear an opposing view and not shut it out or boycott it because they don’t like it.

Maybe the Apple CEO inspired a few to make a change and hear others out. It’s nice to know that Cook will allow everyone to have an opinion on the Apple’s TV service regardless of the Liberal pressure.

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