Australia Takes Their COVID Restrictions To A Sick Next Level

The Wuhan flu is still a problem worldwide, with this new delta variant spreading, and here in the United States, everyone has the option to get the vaccine or wear a mask if they choose. Thankfully we have backed off of the strict restrictions that were imposed on us last year that killed numerous small businesses and hurt the mental well-being of many Americans. But Australia is doing just the opposite, especially the state of South Australia. They have a program in place where they are using facial recognition and geotagging to ensure people are properly quarantining if they travel around the country.

Australia has banned international travel unless residents have a permit to leave the country. The country has also severely restricted domestic travel. Residents must spend 14 days in quarantine upon return.

Steven Marshall, premier of the state of South Australia, launched the quarantine app policy in late August. Residents returning from New South Wales and Victoria, two other Australian states, may spend their 14 days in post-travel quarantine at home, rather than in a hotel, so long as they download and use the “Orwellian” app, developed by the South Australian government, ABC News Australia reported.

The app uses geolocation and facial recognition software to track those in quarantine. The app will contact people at random, asking them to provide proof of their location within 15 minutes

“We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” Marshall said.

If the resident cannot verify his or her location or identity when requested, the South Australia Health Department will notify the police, who will then conduct an in-person check on the person in quarantine. Marshall said the government will not be storing any of the information provided to the app.

In a statement to Fox News, the government of South Australia noted that registration to use the app for home quarantine is voluntary. Only about 20 people who have applied for the program are using the app in early September.”

This is like a Lib’s fantasy.  To cripple people’s ability to do anything and force them to be completely dependent on the government because of these over-the-top demands. I just hope Fauci and the Biden Admin don’t get any ideas.

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